Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Summer 07 Guide Part I : Shorts

I’m sure most of you can’t wait to break out of those gates on that last Friday afternoon, which would mark the beginning of your uber-glamorous 8 week summer holiday. Whether you’re strolling the streets of a fabulous city (New York! London!), or digging your toes in the sand in sunny Ibiza, there’s one common factor to make sure of: look great!

Here are some tips for looking effortlessly chic during your action packed time away from Brunei.

Okay because there’s so much to talk about I’m choosing one topic per post. This one is about shorts! Okay short – shorts were everywhere this season, make sure you pack a pair in your suitcase. Don’t make the mistake of pairing this already revealing piece with a tank top and then some 6-inch stilettos. This season’s shorts call for a boxier shape and a more feminine silhouette so, top off with a trapeze jacket. And since the short-shorts are already sexy, so make sure you get one in a subdued colour to keep it classy and not on the verge of hoochie like LOOK AT ME fuschia pink (i.e. Choose neutral tones like white, grey, taupe etc), and this is also helpful since it will easily match most of your wardrobe.

1. Dressy shorts - Grab a structured pair with some cuffs, minimal details and with greyish undertones.

From top: Chloe silk blend shorts, Mint jodi arnold cotton blend shorts

I love the second pair of shorts, it's a gorgeous colour and looks really cute with flats and a swingy a-line silhoutte on top.

2. Casual Shorts - These are a really easy look to pull off, just throw on a pretty but relaxed shirt on top and you're all set (just no flip flops please! )

Mint shorts (left) ; James Perse shorts

Do take note that white is a very hot colour for short-shorts! I looove the James Perse shorts, they may look similar but the Mint shorts look more khaki-casual, wheares the other more city-casual. Notice the little pocket detail on the Mint shorts? Very cargo like. I would recommend wearing this with a long t-shirt or a t-shirt dress, like on the right, so fresh and now! They also look really cute with a pair of round toe flats!

3. Dark shorts - For those of you not brave enough to try lighter colours, try dark shades. Incase you don't want to show your legs and would prefer them covered up, slip on a pair of opaque tights, they look better with darker shorts.

Matthew Williamson pleat front shorts (left); Johnson Millicent shorts

Personally, I think dark shorts are nice but only if you're going to the city. They're far too serious and sophisticated for the beach or on a tropical island.

4. Metallic shorts- To add a bit of shine and glamour to your look, sneak a pair of shiny shorts into your outfit but stop there. Don't do any more metallic or you'll end up looking like Goldust (is that the really gold wrestler's name)

Mint metallic shorts (yeah they make a lot of shorts); L.A.M.B silk shorts (right)

I gravitate towards silver shorts more than gold ones. See at left, it looks really pretty how it's paired with a romantic loose white top.

Coming Up Next: Part II : Bags

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Russian Beauty

When I ripped open my June/July issue of TeenVOGUE I was so pysched to see they did a two page spread on Sasha Pivovarova! I looove her! Anyway to those not in the know Sasha is a Russian supermodel who appeared on the highly coveted issue of Vogue's "supermodel" issue, which I was very disappointed with! The spread was very boring and unimaginative, white and grey backgrounds with so-so clothes. But the girls still did look great.

She is also one of Prada's muses; quite evident since she's still running the ads since F/W 05.

I think she's really gorgeous, though she's been compared to Gemma one too many times. I can see the similarity but Gemma has more of that innocent doll-like face and Sasha is more striking.

Plus, I think Sasha can pull off edgier editorials better like this one! She's really a chameleon!

Vogue Korea (left), Vogue Italia

She's also been on a number of Vogue covers. Unlike boring US Vogue that showcases the most uninteresting CELEBRITIES, yes CELEBRITIES (like Keira Knightley! Ew WHY?!), Vogue China, Paris Vogue, etc will put actual MODELS, yes MODELS, so you'll always get a chance to see your favorite model on a non American Vogue cover.

I also like that she seems like such a genial person, she's not one of those supermodel divas like er Naomi Campbell Miss-I-wear-fur-and-Blahniks-doing-community-service. Also she's really into art which I think is cool because usually it's so easy to typecast models as being a blank person with no real interests. She says that she 'loves to draw' and wants 'to be an artist'. Well whatever you do, make sure you stick around for next season!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yellow Fever

In Ungaro Haute Couture at the premiere of 'Ocean's 13'

Well I haven't blogged here in like weeks! Anyway, this post is just going to be short because Angelina Jolie just wore a bright yellow dress at the Cannes Film Festival! Okay I know that sounds really silly, but Brad's beau is rarely seen off and on the red carpet without shades of black or grey or basically anything neutral. nevertheless she looks gorgeous 100% of the time, but it's lovely to see her break from the black and try on a little colour because she is just so beauuuutiful!
At the Cannes premiere of 'A Mighty Heart' (with Marianne Pearl)

Out and about with her brother James Haven and Maddox

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Trugly

I was having a conversation with my sister over the weekend; we were flipping through some Japanese fashion magazines that she brought in from Japan. At first I was a bit reluctant since I strongly disliked most Japanese fashion, but the ones in my magazine was actually a bit classier. Another thing I was surprised with was how up to date they were with the Spring/Summer ads.

So as we flipped through, my sister made a remark that all designer bags are actually quite ugly. I don’t know what possessed her to say such an extremity such as that, but I have to say there has been a number of occasions when I look at a designer bag and I go “was he drunk when he did that?!

So one that I really noticed was the Prada ads (starring Sasha Pivovarova!!) oh and I loooved the Prada spring runway with the silk turbans and silk microminis and tops and brown leather belts, but I did NOT like the new Prada Fringe Bag. SO this is what I mean by a Trugly; Trendy but Ugly. It’s always quite interesting to see who can resist a trugly. So far two very stylish women couldn't.
Mary Kate Olsen

Props though MK, on the previouspost-mentioned Ray-Bans as well as Karl's Chanel platforms (that can be seen in the minimalistic Chanel ads starring Freja Beha Erichsen). Just throw that stupid fringe bag and pour your coffee all over it

Victoria Beckham

Resist the TRUGLY!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Up, up and away

I really don't know how high I'd wear my pants. I don't mind high waisted skirts, but I'm a bit skeptical that the high-waisted pant is all that flattering. Well, some of today's style icons are ready to take on the risk. After seeing it first on the runway at Chloe's Spring/Summer RTW show, I knew it was gonna be a trend celebrities would start embracing.

"I can't promise you'd look as good as I do"

And as with most trends, it's so interesting to see how the person interprets it and choose how to wear it and whether they look stupid or actually chic.

This is actually my favorite look by Mary Kate Olsen. I love the 70's vibe she has going on with the pin strips and the Ray-Bans.

I also like Keira's look even though I can't stand her, but anyway I like the buttons and how she balanced the volume of the pants with a skinny striped tee.

On the other hand, you might end up looking like this. I don't think anyone should wear pants with puffy pockets.

Oh Mischa... Mischa, Mischa. High-waisted DENIM? and TIGHT? Yeah that's a definite don't.

I'd recommend non-denim and baggy. Let's see how this phases out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Awww, no, just no

Aww sweetie I know it looked good on Reese, Halle and others but no... just don't. Another celebrity to hop on the bangs bandwagon is the usually gorgeous Beyonce. Note the operative word is usually.

Ooh. Ouch.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Big White Shirt

So here's some exciting news: GAP, in the style of Topshop and HNM's collaborations, are introducing the Gap Designe Editions which is their first major foray with fashion desginers. And the designers are *Drum roll* Thakoon Panichgul who made such a scene in spring with his flowers and rosette inspired clothes, Doo Ri Chung and the designers of Rodarte Kate and Laura Mulleavy, who have all won the CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund Award.

I'm so so so excited because I looooove white shirts they are so classic and versatile. GAP has given us a glimpse of the white shirts on the May issue of Vogue with -- YES no celebs -- MOMs (models of the moment). Take a lookie

I'm sure that if you are a fashion lover you will know all these models I mean obviously they're not as famous at the supermodel era of the 90's but you should know. left to right; Lily Donaldson, Hilary Rhoda, (top) Doutzen Kroes, (bottom) Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Trentini, Raquel Zimmerman, Jessica Stam (bottom), Chanel Iman (top), Coco Rocha and Agyness Deyn. (I'm still kinda upset that they didn't include Irina and Freja though...)

I love most of them especially Lily and Jessica (her eyes are stunning!) but unfortunately she just HAS to date "DJ AM" yuck. I mean could you find a faster way to ruin your image? Anyway I really love Caroline Trentini's shirt I looove poufy shirts after I saw this Stella McCartney one on the runway...

Love it!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Kate Moss and Topshop

Oh what a wonderful idea! Everyone's favorite style icon Kate Moss has collaborated with high-end store Topshop and for the previews Kate has used her best friend fringe-alicious model Irina Lazareanu. SO here are some pics!

Personally, I really love it from the loose boyfriend pants and matching vest to the floral minidress and the one shouldered 50's inspired white dress. Not so sure about the colored denim though but that seems to be a trend so hey at least she hits that note.

Well done Kate! Can't wait for some more collaborations!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ciao Skinny

Finally the trend catches on!

Left; Angie Harmon, Sandra Bullock and Eva Mendes


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The T-shirt

An essential in everyone's wardrobe everybody loves the T-shirt. And I have to say Marc Jacobs makes me love it even more! His Marc by Marc Jacobs line has some really cute tees but sadly... it's price isn't that of a normal t-shirt... they're still stellar though -

Shark Stripe Tees

Yes Print T-shirt

Peut - Etre tee (French for maybe)


I heart patent

Right now I am in love with an upcoming trend: patent! But I prefer it in small doses, usually on shoes or belts. No patent trenchcoats please. Anyway I've been dying to get my hands on a pair of cute patent flats (like Mary Janes) or heels. Cause I think it looks good flat or really high. No kitten heels please.

I love them as slingbacks, peep-toes, wedges, stilettos and skimmers;

Marni Block Heel Pumps - I just adore this! it looks crafty and the color's so rich

Fendi PeepToe B Flats - I want this for school

Chloe Sciccoso Patent Leather Flats

Christian Louboutin (I'm sure you could tell the second you looked at it) Platform Pumps

Marc Jacobs Vernice Wedge-style shoes

Jimmy Choo Kelis Slingbacks

Elegantly Waisted Patent Belts


My (very late) BGIC follow-up

Ever since May Anne reminded me I've been feeling very guilty that I have not been true to my last promise that I would make a "Best of BGIC" post. Haha. Well as most of you know I'm all talk. Anyway I didn't take that many picture but there were some very nice outfits at BGIC and my best dressed award would have to go to Ms. Grachee, the delegate of Norway. I did see a number of vests which I loved and the good thing was there were different types.

Mine was a corset like vest and Weier's was a single-breasted dark grey vith princess collars. Here's a picture:

Unfortunately that's about everything I took. There weren't many stand out outfits but given that's not what the conference was about I can barely blog here. But yes I will definitely take more pictures next year -- (all talk).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Frantic, last-minute shopping

Well actually it wasn't that frantic. And it's not actually that last-minute. But it sure makes for a good interesting title. Anyhoos, today my mom made me go shopping to look for clothes to wear for the ISB BGIC, which is less than two weeks away (omg!!)

So first I made a stop at British India.

It's really nice and it wasn't that crowded with people which was great, but it's so pricey! Like shirts and pants range from 80-120 or so. It's such a struggle to find clothes that fit me because for my height, I am a size 0/1/2... I tried on a nice pair of tweed pants in size three and omg it was so ill-fitting! It was so baggy at the places where it should be snug and it was ten times too long for me! Ouch.

But then I managed to find a pair of black skinny pants in size 1. Whew. And I also bought a corset-esque vest top which was a size 1 and in black as well, I wanted a dark grey but they didn't have one in that colour. Oh well. Here is a picture of the vest top, it looks like a hooker top but it's not if you wear it with a shirt -- (you can't really see, but the details make it look nicer)

but what I really wanted was an outfit like this :

After that, I went to this place where they sold material and picked up a few metres of some beige pinstripe and some dark grey material as well.

Then, I went to Hokko Textiles ( I love that place they have the best materials!)

There I bought some cream cotton to make a short sleeve shirt for my beige pants. But then I found out that Hokko can make clothes for you as well and they even have this humongous sewing book with all sorts of styles so I was like wow they can easily make stuff for me! But since they were extremely busy with all these projects they were a bit unsure that they could finish it by the 2nd, so I said they could finish it by the 3rd instead. With my cream cotton I am making a short sleeved fitted shirt with peter pan collars... because I always loved this look (see below) from a Chloe runway,seasons ago.

And the pants I made it to be a little flared but not too snug as it wasn't stretchy material... I'm hoping it'd kinda look like these pair of Chloe pants.

And lastly, the grey skirt, I want it to be high waisted, kinda like it's from the 40's, with a straight cut. I haven't made that yet but I sorta want it to be like this Topshop skirt but I don't know if I could find (or make) a belt in time
I will make another post soon about dressing smart and formal, but at the same time, chic.
Until then.