Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Summer 07 Guide Part I : Shorts

I’m sure most of you can’t wait to break out of those gates on that last Friday afternoon, which would mark the beginning of your uber-glamorous 8 week summer holiday. Whether you’re strolling the streets of a fabulous city (New York! London!), or digging your toes in the sand in sunny Ibiza, there’s one common factor to make sure of: look great!

Here are some tips for looking effortlessly chic during your action packed time away from Brunei.

Okay because there’s so much to talk about I’m choosing one topic per post. This one is about shorts! Okay short – shorts were everywhere this season, make sure you pack a pair in your suitcase. Don’t make the mistake of pairing this already revealing piece with a tank top and then some 6-inch stilettos. This season’s shorts call for a boxier shape and a more feminine silhouette so, top off with a trapeze jacket. And since the short-shorts are already sexy, so make sure you get one in a subdued colour to keep it classy and not on the verge of hoochie like LOOK AT ME fuschia pink (i.e. Choose neutral tones like white, grey, taupe etc), and this is also helpful since it will easily match most of your wardrobe.

1. Dressy shorts - Grab a structured pair with some cuffs, minimal details and with greyish undertones.

From top: Chloe silk blend shorts, Mint jodi arnold cotton blend shorts

I love the second pair of shorts, it's a gorgeous colour and looks really cute with flats and a swingy a-line silhoutte on top.

2. Casual Shorts - These are a really easy look to pull off, just throw on a pretty but relaxed shirt on top and you're all set (just no flip flops please! )

Mint shorts (left) ; James Perse shorts

Do take note that white is a very hot colour for short-shorts! I looove the James Perse shorts, they may look similar but the Mint shorts look more khaki-casual, wheares the other more city-casual. Notice the little pocket detail on the Mint shorts? Very cargo like. I would recommend wearing this with a long t-shirt or a t-shirt dress, like on the right, so fresh and now! They also look really cute with a pair of round toe flats!

3. Dark shorts - For those of you not brave enough to try lighter colours, try dark shades. Incase you don't want to show your legs and would prefer them covered up, slip on a pair of opaque tights, they look better with darker shorts.

Matthew Williamson pleat front shorts (left); Johnson Millicent shorts

Personally, I think dark shorts are nice but only if you're going to the city. They're far too serious and sophisticated for the beach or on a tropical island.

4. Metallic shorts- To add a bit of shine and glamour to your look, sneak a pair of shiny shorts into your outfit but stop there. Don't do any more metallic or you'll end up looking like Goldust (is that the really gold wrestler's name)

Mint metallic shorts (yeah they make a lot of shorts); L.A.M.B silk shorts (right)

I gravitate towards silver shorts more than gold ones. See at left, it looks really pretty how it's paired with a romantic loose white top.

Coming Up Next: Part II : Bags


Super Emo Kid said...

you my dear... have SERIOUSLY got to think about having a career within the fashion industry. seriously amirah. i cant imagine you doing anything else..

you and me.. we're gonna talk about this further =P

Weier said...

gurl you better keep on with these blogs! I feel like buying shorts now. I love the looks you posted. ahhh my little fashionista you have such a good eye :)

Poop said...

Hey Amirah, could you please un-link me please? I'll tell you more about it later. =)

Anonymous said...

Where's part two? Haha. Summer's over ...I think :P So...how's the prom post coming along? Yes. I agree with the first 2 comments. I want more posts! and you SHOULD go pro :)

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