Monday, April 30, 2007

The Trugly

I was having a conversation with my sister over the weekend; we were flipping through some Japanese fashion magazines that she brought in from Japan. At first I was a bit reluctant since I strongly disliked most Japanese fashion, but the ones in my magazine was actually a bit classier. Another thing I was surprised with was how up to date they were with the Spring/Summer ads.

So as we flipped through, my sister made a remark that all designer bags are actually quite ugly. I don’t know what possessed her to say such an extremity such as that, but I have to say there has been a number of occasions when I look at a designer bag and I go “was he drunk when he did that?!

So one that I really noticed was the Prada ads (starring Sasha Pivovarova!!) oh and I loooved the Prada spring runway with the silk turbans and silk microminis and tops and brown leather belts, but I did NOT like the new Prada Fringe Bag. SO this is what I mean by a Trugly; Trendy but Ugly. It’s always quite interesting to see who can resist a trugly. So far two very stylish women couldn't.
Mary Kate Olsen

Props though MK, on the previouspost-mentioned Ray-Bans as well as Karl's Chanel platforms (that can be seen in the minimalistic Chanel ads starring Freja Beha Erichsen). Just throw that stupid fringe bag and pour your coffee all over it

Victoria Beckham

Resist the TRUGLY!!

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