Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Russian Beauty

When I ripped open my June/July issue of TeenVOGUE I was so pysched to see they did a two page spread on Sasha Pivovarova! I looove her! Anyway to those not in the know Sasha is a Russian supermodel who appeared on the highly coveted issue of Vogue's "supermodel" issue, which I was very disappointed with! The spread was very boring and unimaginative, white and grey backgrounds with so-so clothes. But the girls still did look great.

She is also one of Prada's muses; quite evident since she's still running the ads since F/W 05.

I think she's really gorgeous, though she's been compared to Gemma one too many times. I can see the similarity but Gemma has more of that innocent doll-like face and Sasha is more striking.

Plus, I think Sasha can pull off edgier editorials better like this one! She's really a chameleon!

Vogue Korea (left), Vogue Italia

She's also been on a number of Vogue covers. Unlike boring US Vogue that showcases the most uninteresting CELEBRITIES, yes CELEBRITIES (like Keira Knightley! Ew WHY?!), Vogue China, Paris Vogue, etc will put actual MODELS, yes MODELS, so you'll always get a chance to see your favorite model on a non American Vogue cover.

I also like that she seems like such a genial person, she's not one of those supermodel divas like er Naomi Campbell Miss-I-wear-fur-and-Blahniks-doing-community-service. Also she's really into art which I think is cool because usually it's so easy to typecast models as being a blank person with no real interests. She says that she 'loves to draw' and wants 'to be an artist'. Well whatever you do, make sure you stick around for next season!


Super Emo Kid said...

this is amirah'f first love?? well well i can see why boys are having a hard time competing with her.. shes gawjus... =P

(i know your straight)

Razorfc said...

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