Monday, February 19, 2007

Frantic, last-minute shopping

Well actually it wasn't that frantic. And it's not actually that last-minute. But it sure makes for a good interesting title. Anyhoos, today my mom made me go shopping to look for clothes to wear for the ISB BGIC, which is less than two weeks away (omg!!)

So first I made a stop at British India.

It's really nice and it wasn't that crowded with people which was great, but it's so pricey! Like shirts and pants range from 80-120 or so. It's such a struggle to find clothes that fit me because for my height, I am a size 0/1/2... I tried on a nice pair of tweed pants in size three and omg it was so ill-fitting! It was so baggy at the places where it should be snug and it was ten times too long for me! Ouch.

But then I managed to find a pair of black skinny pants in size 1. Whew. And I also bought a corset-esque vest top which was a size 1 and in black as well, I wanted a dark grey but they didn't have one in that colour. Oh well. Here is a picture of the vest top, it looks like a hooker top but it's not if you wear it with a shirt -- (you can't really see, but the details make it look nicer)

but what I really wanted was an outfit like this :

After that, I went to this place where they sold material and picked up a few metres of some beige pinstripe and some dark grey material as well.

Then, I went to Hokko Textiles ( I love that place they have the best materials!)

There I bought some cream cotton to make a short sleeve shirt for my beige pants. But then I found out that Hokko can make clothes for you as well and they even have this humongous sewing book with all sorts of styles so I was like wow they can easily make stuff for me! But since they were extremely busy with all these projects they were a bit unsure that they could finish it by the 2nd, so I said they could finish it by the 3rd instead. With my cream cotton I am making a short sleeved fitted shirt with peter pan collars... because I always loved this look (see below) from a Chloe runway,seasons ago.

And the pants I made it to be a little flared but not too snug as it wasn't stretchy material... I'm hoping it'd kinda look like these pair of Chloe pants.

And lastly, the grey skirt, I want it to be high waisted, kinda like it's from the 40's, with a straight cut. I haven't made that yet but I sorta want it to be like this Topshop skirt but I don't know if I could find (or make) a belt in time
I will make another post soon about dressing smart and formal, but at the same time, chic.
Until then.

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