Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My (very late) BGIC follow-up

Ever since May Anne reminded me I've been feeling very guilty that I have not been true to my last promise that I would make a "Best of BGIC" post. Haha. Well as most of you know I'm all talk. Anyway I didn't take that many picture but there were some very nice outfits at BGIC and my best dressed award would have to go to Ms. Grachee, the delegate of Norway. I did see a number of vests which I loved and the good thing was there were different types.

Mine was a corset like vest and Weier's was a single-breasted dark grey vith princess collars. Here's a picture:

Unfortunately that's about everything I took. There weren't many stand out outfits but given that's not what the conference was about I can barely blog here. But yes I will definitely take more pictures next year -- (all talk).

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