Saturday, April 28, 2007

Up, up and away

I really don't know how high I'd wear my pants. I don't mind high waisted skirts, but I'm a bit skeptical that the high-waisted pant is all that flattering. Well, some of today's style icons are ready to take on the risk. After seeing it first on the runway at Chloe's Spring/Summer RTW show, I knew it was gonna be a trend celebrities would start embracing.

"I can't promise you'd look as good as I do"

And as with most trends, it's so interesting to see how the person interprets it and choose how to wear it and whether they look stupid or actually chic.

This is actually my favorite look by Mary Kate Olsen. I love the 70's vibe she has going on with the pin strips and the Ray-Bans.

I also like Keira's look even though I can't stand her, but anyway I like the buttons and how she balanced the volume of the pants with a skinny striped tee.

On the other hand, you might end up looking like this. I don't think anyone should wear pants with puffy pockets.

Oh Mischa... Mischa, Mischa. High-waisted DENIM? and TIGHT? Yeah that's a definite don't.

I'd recommend non-denim and baggy. Let's see how this phases out.


Super Emo Kid said...

omfg. mischa barton looks horrible!! man, our ex discipline master wears his pants that high..for a 76 yr old hes pretty upto date with the fashion aye amirah? =P hahahah..

keep those blogs coming.. loving it all the way!

Amirah said...

HAHAHAHHA what a stylish guy!