Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Erickson Beamon

I don't wear much jewelry, I'm usually more obsessed with saving money to buy clothes, but recently I've just sort of become more into jewelry when I see them on sites online. Maybe I've never really been into accessories because everytime I step into a jewelry store in Brunei I see horrible stuff and I rarely see nice ones. So when I DO see really pretty ones, I'm just like wow! Teeheee... my favorite necklace at the moment is this chainlinked layered belt which I use as a necklace (innovation!) that's from New York... I lost it a while ago but now I found it again! yay =)

and now I've been crazily looking on the internet for nice long neckalces and I stumbled upon this really cool designer which makes really nice jewelry and I'm so into their necklaces cause they really make a statement. I really like jewelry that can make a simple outfit, cause it takes so little time to just throw on some bracelets or a necklace!!

Anyway the designer is called Erickson Beamon and it was created by two New Yorkers waaay back in 1983. Here are some of my favs (and I'm gonna put a picture of it being worn on an outfit... see how it just makes it look so much better?!);

1. Erickson Beamon Leaf Jewel Pendant
This is really nice, I love the mixture of stones, clustered with the golden leaves it's so pretty!

2. Erickson Beamon Toy Soldier Medallion Necklace

I love medallions!! they look really nice esp after I saw this celebrity that I do not really like but she is gorgeous wear one with a lacy black top. I like the contrast between the chunky big pendant and the skinny chain.

3. Erickson Beamon Long Chain Necklace

o... m... g! isn't this so adorable, i love the chunky clear glass and square beads!

4. Erickson Beamon Moroccon Bead Necklace

5. Erickson Beamon Roman Spring Necklace

I love the simplicity, and the antique-y look

6. Erickson Beamon Pop Tart Horn Necklace

I think big chunky necklaces like these are hard to pull off cause they can come off looking plasticy and tacky but I think this is cute


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Beautiful pieces, you've got great taste! =D

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