Saturday, December 23, 2006

A little singing, a lot of tears, and a state of depression

Over the course of this week I've watched three films (I know so little, it IS the holidays), and I think they are soooo good that I have to blog about them,

The first that I watched was like on Wednesday and that was Moulin Rouge! Omg I love it so much I was obsessed with it I downloaded like practically the whole soundtrack, even though it hasn't finished yet, god, downloading songs illegally through the internet never works for me!

Anyway that movie left me crying so much that I had to wipe my tears on my t-shirt and I stretched the collar so much! there weren't any tissues around... so yeah, anyway it was really good, the music was fantastic, I mean a romance set in Paris! what could be better? As always the beautiful Ms. Kidman was brilliant, and you just fall in love with ewan McGregor, as a passionate penniless writer...the ending was so sad... But i really enjoyed the film, even though I was watching it alone... anyway my favorite three songs were the Elephant Medley, Your Song and Come What May.... I can't stop watcing them on YouTube!
oh and my favorite quote.. of course
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

and now moving on to the second film-- Yesterday I went to the cinema with Hui Yen, Azim, Ishan and Jake to catch the 1.30 show of the Holiday! And yes I love it so much! At first I thought it was about switching husbands but no, it was about switching homes and how that can really change your life. so I entered the cinema not knowing exactly what the story was about Jude Law is so handsome, and so charming even though he was so drunk when we first see him, but you just fall in love with him when you see him in his glasses and with his children and he is a W-I-D-O-W-E-R... awww And I just loved the whole cast, Kate Winslet was really good (as always) and Cameron Diaz as well, her character was so amusing, not being able to cry and all... and Jack Black surprised me, sometimes I find it hard to see him in a role that didn't involve him looking stupid

And the ending was sooo lovely, I cried so much, hahahaha at the cinema... I have to say I'm not fond of public displays of emotions but I couldn't keep it in... Anyway I'm so glad I watched this and can't wait for the sountrack to come out cause it was sooo pretty! But it's coming out in January '07 so I guess I'll just have to wait....

And the last film that I watched was last night, it was a very sad film but surprisingly I didn't cry. It's called My Life Without Me an indie film, it's about this 23 year old high school janitor, who finds she has a tumour and has like only two to three months left to live. And she keeps it from everyone, including her husband and two children. She then makes a list of things she wanted to do before she died... you feel so depressed through the entire film because there are some ironic moments when the husband says something like "I know that everything's just going to get better" and she's secretly dying. then she makes tapes for everyone, and for her two girls she made birthday tapes for until they were 18! it was so sweet... and they were so poor as well... living out of a trailer... tsk tsk

She also managed to tick another thing off her list which was to make another man fall in love with her. She met him at a laundromat (how romantic) but then she fell in love with him too... but he doesn't know she's dying... In the end, we don't see her die rather just see the people who have just lost her, and they looked so sad, it was so depressing, but it was a good indie film, imagining what your life would be like without you...

And not to go to sleep on a sad note, I finished off the night with Will & Grace episodes. So funny...

now what movie should I watch next....

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Parisjasmal said...

Hello Amirah,

I love your blog! Such great fashion sense. Moulin Rouge is indeed so beautiful, yet with the perfect amount of campy. I think Baz Lurhman (sp?) has an incredible eye.

I have yet to see the other 2 movies. I like Jack Black as he is so silly.

Thanks for having me on your blog roll. When I can finally get a blog roll to work (ACK -blogger will not let me post one for some reason) I will add Ivory Lace.

Happy Holidays