Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"But Madam Lucia, what can you expect? We use Singer sewing machines"

OK Something is wrong with me, I am swamped with work and NOW I am updating my blog?! Well anyhoos, I was thinking of what to get for my upcoming 14th birthday on January 13th (Mark you calendars! Hehe) and I wanted to buy a sewing machine. I probably can't afford those high tech ones, so maybe one in the range of 3-400... I guess that could buy me one good enough for an amateur. But it would be super wonderful to have my own sewing machine! I can make my own clothes, and then I would label them "Ivory Lace"! Hehe. The only things I can think of making right now are with materials that you can find here like cotton and silk and chiffon. So I have a lot of ideas for stuff like shirtdresses, slip dresses, silk shirts and tops, shorts and etc. Here are some pictures of clothes that could be attainable to make.

LaRok shirtdress

Milly Silk Organza Blouse

Stella McCartney Ready To Wear Fall 2006

(I don't know the brand)

This shape would look GREAT with skinny jeans!

P.S. The heading is from West Side Story, after the girls sing "I Feel Pretty" and Madam Lucia scolds them for singing when they should be working. Hence the bad joke from Maria.

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