Sunday, October 15, 2006

Open Water

So today, I didn't go to school, and I don't feel that much better, but I was really bored just lying around in bed so I decided to go downstairs and switch on the TV. I flicked through the movie channels and saw Open Water was on. I've always wanted to watch it since at the cinema last year we changed our movie to AVP instead (god that movie was terrible). So finally I watched Open Water, it lasted for liek 80 minutes and well... I don't understand the ending!

"Proving that the power of imagination is much more terrifying than what meets the eye"

That was what Rotten Tomatoes AND Astro said, so what does it mean then? Like were there really no sharks at all? But in the end some fisherman cut up a shark and found a camera so it WAS real. Anyway I'm so so confused, because someone once told me the ending was like Blair Witch Project, so I was assuming there was some kind of twist. Which there wasn't. Well if there wasn't supposed to be some kind of twist I thought the movie was good, it was really sad, and so scary. Gosh I fear for sharks now! Well I always have anyway... And the ending was unpredictable, and I liked how it wasn't such a Hollywood film, you know like in your face scariness but it was still good. I do recommend this film but I think it's very different from Jaws.

Alright well that's enough movie talk for me. Ciao bellas!

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jet-nette-fake said...

nette.. i still don't get the endingg.. :(