Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tyra Banks is crazy.

No! I'm so sad that AJ is out! I really thought that she should win this season. She's different and absoloutely gorgeous! But I suppose that she doesn't let go of her image too easily, like she's too intent on being seen as dark and edgy and all, but in the modeling world, you're basically just a doll that the editor makes up. It's just really sad for me to see her leave because I really loved her and she took AMAZING shots and she is beauuutiful! I think she looks gorg with her Linda Evangelista hair but then she has to go and spike it up... sigh... Here are some pictures of her, I love the first picture, which is the last one she took in ANTM... she looks glamorous there, but I don't think she wants to look glam.

Goodbye AJ, hope you succeed and go very far in the modeling industry.

(Tyra I do not like you after this! You crazy woman!)

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Poop said...


I KNOW! Im angry about AJ leaving, but hell yeah she got on my nerves for that particular episode!!!!

But her photos are sooo funkay.....=(