Tuesday, October 03, 2006

La belle vie - Paris Fashion Week!

I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles, I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles... well you know how it goes.

Yay Paris Fashion Week! Some more Spring Pret-a-porter collections to drool over! So far I've seen Rick Owens, and frankly I'm not very impressed. I didn't love it, the pure-white organdy asymmetric jackets, crunched up around the neck and gathered into a peplum in back, were paired with complex handkerchief-point or draped skirts, striding leggily out on shaggy-chiffon were sorta cute. But some of his looks for the collection had this funnel hood that was veiled over the models faces, I did not like that... Here's a picture...

I liked Balmain's collection though, they made their mark when Audrey Tatou wore a cropped white dress to the Cannes Film Festival. Their Spring '07 collection is filled with those types of dresses, aimed at young people; strapless dresses, short, one shouldered... etc. He also did not skimp out on the hardware; gold chains, silver sequins, brass studs were plenty. Here are some of my favorite looks...

So it's only been two days, Paris Fashion Week I mean and I will update again on my favorite designers and collections.... (Chloe!)

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